As summer winds down, we thought we’d share a few items that we either bookmarked to read later or that we read with great interest. Some are about real estate, some are just about DC, each gave us pause and made us grateful for the luxury of time that seems more abundant in summer.

The Tale of the Mall: This feature on The Washington Post online is both compelling for its story and the way the Post tells it. Learn about the history of the National Mall and consider the technology that made this brand of storytelling possible.

[Insert Project Here] is the New High Line: While New York’s High Line redevelopment has become a bit of a trope as city’s across the country look to old infrastructure for new development, the park has had an incredible impact on real estate in its surrounding area. The Wall Street Journal looked at the High Line factor in New York real estate.

Woonerfs are Wonderful: The funny name caught our attention first, but then we realized it was just putting a name to a phenomenon we’ve seen increasingly in new developments across the city. Bisnow looks into the wooneerf’s emergence in Washington.

Anacostia Native Bringing Redevelopment through GSA: The Washington Post has a great profile about the head of the General Services Administration; she went to school in Anacostia and now is  charged with federal government portfolio of buildings and development projects, including the Department of Homeland Security complex  in her old neighborhood. Seriously, get a cup of coffee and settle in for this one.

Compass Quarterly: Our industry-leading publication explores design, architecture, technology and innovation. The digital version has the great content, but if you want an actual copy with its super-luxe paper, just ask.