Imagine living in a home where everything is brand new – from the newly polished wooden floors underfoot, to the modern light fixtures above. No one has ever cooked a meal in your kitchen, soaked in the tub, or run a load of laundry in the washer. You no longer need to plan for major repairs or renovations. This home was built to meet your needs and style.

Buying a new build home may seem like a luxury, but it is arguably comparable in cost to purchasing a resale home. New build homes offer warranties and guarantees not only on appliances but on windows, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical systems, etc. Most builders also guarantee their workmanship and are responsible for making repairs on finishes, systems, and structures. You no longer have the hassle of finding a repairman or the expense of paying him!

New build homes have lower utility and maintenance costs. New building codes require energy efficiency and building materials have greatly improved. Roofing materials, insulation, air sealing, heating, and cooling systems have been designed to decrease energy usage and therefore lead to lower utility costs. Most builders design homes and use materials to minimize maintenance, as well. In addition, these materials are readily available. Maintenance and repairs on older homes are often expensive because replacements are not available, or code violations need to be fixed. For example, homes built before 1989 may have asbestos, and those built before 1979 may have lead paint.

Because new homes are built to meet stringent codes and use the latest materials, home insurance policies are less expensive. Insurance companies price policies based on financial risk. New homes are far less likely to be damaged and are less expensive to repair. Hence, the older the home, the more expensive the coverage. According to Policygenius, a new build costs 13% less to insure than a 10-year-old home, and 32% less than a 20-year-old home.

New builds also offer more control over the home buying process. Single-family homes generally require 6-12 months to build. This gives buyers time to sell their homes (and not carry two mortgages!) and plan an efficient move.

If you are curious about new builds, let’s set up a time to meet. We can help you explore the options and determine the best path forward. We have a database of properties, not yet listed on the MLS, that are available for new construction projects. If you know the style and location of your dream home, we can connect you with builders and homes that fit those needs. We can also help you find and secure financing, whether it be a new construction loan for a custom home, or a traditional loan. Our agents are skilled at negotiating builder’s agreements which cover timelines and customizations to ensure you and your builder are on the same page.