As the largest historic neighborhood in the District of Columbia, Capitol Hill stands out as one of the most famous neighborhoods in the entire world. It is famously known as the beloved home of the United States Congress. Capitol Hill covers parts of both Northeast and Southeast DC. The Navy Yard, the Anacostia River, and the National Mall surround Capitol Hill. With so much history and culture in this one neighborhood alone, it’s understandably challenging to figure out where to start to enjoy and soak in all Capitol Hill has to offer. Here’s a list to help you experience the best that Capitol Hill has to offer.

  1. Congress –There is a protocol, so plan this trip in advance. Plus, when you plan in advance, you’ll get to enjoy free entry. You can also book a reservation for a tour. To arrange this, contact your senator’s office to reserve your spot.
  2. Eastern Market – Immerse yourself in an experience that reflects the diversity and multiculturalism of the city. Eastern Market is a combination of an open-air market and a pavilion where vendors come to sell all types of fresh produce, clothing, artwork and more. Inside of the pavilion, there are sections where visitors can take dance classes and other exercise classes. There’s also a large bakery, meat shop, flower shop and a few cafes. It’s truly an experience to behold and enjoy.
  3. Library of Congress – Think about your favorite movie or the song that you listened to during that terrible break-up. Every single published book, song, movie and collection is documented and within the walls of the Library of Congress. Enjoy the reading rooms, guided tours, and concerts. There’s also a place to shop and dine.
  4. Supreme Court – Visit the hallowed halls of a landmark within the American judicial system. Take pictures of the beautiful architecture and do a self-guided tour through this major monument in the legal fabric of the nation.

There are many more places to eat, visit and enjoy within this one neighborhood. If you’re a lover of nature and good landscaping, the U.S. Botanical Garden is a stunning plant museum to take in. Between the many landmarks on this list, you’ll easily be able to enjoy the best that Capitol Hill has to offer.