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Named after Rear Admiral Samuel Francis Dupont, Dupont Circle, DC is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Washington, D.C. The area is known for its stunning rowhouses as well as the iconic traffic circle. Dupont Circle, DC is also home to the Embassies of Uzbekistan, Grenada and many others. Within the neighborhood, there’s a residential area called Striver’s Section. Frederick Douglass owned a few of the homes in this particular area. The Dupont Circle Fountain is a landmark in the neighborhood and stands as a great place for a fun photo op or a picnic. On a day when the weather is nice, grab a book and sit beside the fountain and enjoy the neighborhood ambiance.

When visiting this neighborhood, don’t miss the following:

  1. The Phillips Collection

For those who love art museums, you will enjoy the Phillips Collection. It is the first museum of modern art in the entire nation.

In addition to enjoying the beautiful pieces of modern artwork, this museum hosts spotlight talks, tours, workshops and conversations with various artists. After all of that walking and art admiration, many visitors get tired. You can relax at the café and enjoy sandwiches, pastries, salads, coffee and so much more. To prepare for your visit, there’s even an app you can download to your smartphone.

  1. Kramerbooks & Afterwords

If you’re a lover of a good book and a hot cup of coffee, Kramerbooks & Afterwords is the place of your dreams. It’s the perfect combination of a full-service café and a bookstore. You can also catch in-house readings done by various authors and engage in stimulating conversation about politics, traveling and more.

  1. DC Improv

After a long day, it’s nice to throw your head back and laugh your worries away. The DC Improv Comedy Club is the perfect spot in Dupont Circle to enjoy a few laughs. It’s actually the most popular comedy club in the city. This club has seen the likes of people like Ellen DeGeneres and Dave Chappelle. Enjoy upcoming acts here and be able to enjoy them before they hit the bigger stages in the future.

  1. Embassy Row

Beginning at the Embassy of Australia (16th Street and Massachusetts Avenue, NW) head northeast for approximately two miles. You will pass dozens of embassies as well as the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial and the statue of Nelson Mandela outside the Embassy of South Africa. The route ends near the Naval Observatory, the official home of the Vice President.

  1. The Spanish Steps

Visit one of the hidden treasures of the Dupont Circle neighborhood. Located on 22 Street, NW – nestled between S Street, NW and Decatur Street, NW – the Spanish Steps offer a quiet retreat from the busy urban neighborhood.

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