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Weekly Roundup (January 23rd)

 2020 was one of the best years on record for luxury home sales in the District. READ FULL ARTICLE On the menu: a CSA cooking class, pita-sandwich pop-up, and game day eats., and winter wonderscapes. READ FULL ARTICLE The record home prices set in DC [...]

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Weekly Roundup (January 16th)

A new report out today from Bright MLS takes a look back at the DC-area housing market last year, perhaps the strongest market on record for the region. READ FULL ARTICLE Fire pits, mini-lodges, and winter wonderscapes. READ FULL ARTICLE It looks like [...]

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Weekly Roundup (January 9th)

    On Thursday, interest rates dropped to 2.65%, one basis point lower than the previous record low of 2.66%. It was the 15th time in the last 12 months that rates set a new record. READ FULL ARTICLE                     You don’t need a walk-in the [...]

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Weekly Roundup (January 2nd)

    If you thought 2020 was a strong year for the housing market, 2021 may blow it out of the water. At least that is Zillow's assessment, per their 2021 sales forecast. READ FULL ARTICLE               Mimosas for all your takeout, delivery, and outdoor dining needs. READ FULL [...]

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Weekly Roundup (December 19th)

      The 2020 housing market was surprisingly resilient, and even record-setting, despite other economic indicators of tumult. Last Thursday, the National Association of Realtors held its Real Estate Forecast Summit where a number of experts weighed in on what the market will look like next year. READ FULL ARTICLE           [...]

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Weekly Roundup (December 11th)

      Near the beginning of the year, there were just five areas where homes were fetching a premium; by October, that number had increased to 11. As we end the year, we find that homes are regularly selling above list price in 13 neighborhoods, an indication of the competition in the city at the moment. [...]

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