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Your Guide To Kid-Friendly Fall Festivals Happening Around DC

Fall Festivals, those godsend events for parents looking to wear out their kids in one swoop (and gorge on caramel apples and maybe some hard cider), are still happening at many local farms. But they’re obviously different this year. Expect lots of hand sanitizer and cashless systems. Don’t forget to book tickets well in advance—most [...]

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Things to Do in DC, Maryland & Virginia this Weekend

Here’s what you should check out this weekend: Crash course: As the election looms near, attend a Profs and Pints virtual lecture to learn about the electoral college. GW history professor Denver Brunsman will talk about why the electoral college exists and explore the question of whether or not it’s still necessary, some 230 years [...]

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A Huge Outdoor “Streatery” is in the Works for Downtown DC

Downtown DC restaurants have been hit particularly hard in the pandemic with Capital One Arena and museums closed, tourism down 53 percent, and offices filled to a mere five percent capacity. But there’s a plan underway that aims to draw more dining interest downtown. Cuba Libre founder Barry Gutin and the DowntownDC BID dreamed up a new kind of [...]

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Where to Find Labor Day Crab Feasts and Grill Kits Around DC

Unbelievably, Labor Day—the unofficial end of summer—is fast approaching on Monday, September 7. These past few months have felt like a Salvador Dali painting of melting clocks, but the conclusion of another socially-distanced season is an occasion worth celebrating. Chefs at restaurants around DC are prepping barbecue boxes and seafood spreads to take the labor [...]

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Europe’s Swanky Private Wine Club Opens Its First US Location in DC

If you’ve been wondering where to safely stash your collection of rare Bordeaux and Burgundy—outside your home cave, of course—there’s an even fancier place. Meet WineLair, a private European oenophile’s club that’s about to open its first US location in DC. Part members-only lounge and wine bar, part temperature-controlled storage facility, the chic den abutting [...]

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20 Great Ways to Get Out on the Water on the Potomac River

Two words of caution about getting out on the Potomac. First, plan ahead. In this age of Covid, reservations are required for all outings. Second, it’s a big river and can change rapidly, so be sure to check conditions before setting out. If you can, stick to protected areas like creeks and bays, or go [...]

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Your Guide to Outdoor and Drive-In Movie Theaters Around DC

Months of quarantine has bred a special sentimentality for the Before Times, reviving a mostly bygone artifact: the drive-in movie. Secluded car seats in marked parking spots turn catching a fresh-air flick into a responsibly social distanced activity—as well as an escape from yet another Netflix binge at home. Options for outdoor cinema are popping up around DC, bringing [...]

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12 Great Hikes Near DC

Thanks to the National Park Service, our region has beautiful places to hike. Here are some favorites for every skill level: Harpers Ferry National Historical Park Easy jaunts in Harpers Ferry lead to history and river views. Photograph by Pat Blackley/Alamy. Distance from DC*: 64 miles. Why Go: Blue Ridge Mountain vistas, river views, and a generous dose [...]

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Summer Restaurant Week is Still Happening in DC

The world might be turned upside down, but one thing is for certain: You can still get a $35 (or this year, there’s the option of a $55 dinner) at a cool restaurant. The DC area’s annual Summer Restaurant Week promotion, organized by the Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington, is back—but things look different in the pandemic. To [...]

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6 New Breakfasts and Brunches to Try This Weekend

Tabla 3227 Georgia Ave., NW The casual new Georgian restaurant in Park View from the Supra team specializes in two very delicious things: khachapuri (cheesy breads) and khinkali (soup dumplings). Both come in several varieties on the all-day menu,  alongside grilled meats and vegetables, sandwiches, and fun bites like Georgian fries. And for an afternoon drink on the [...]

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