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The DC Area’s Strongest August Housing Market Ever, By the Numbers

The DC region just had its strongest August housing market ever, with record home prices and record sales driven by record demand and record low interest rates. Below, UrbanTurf plucked out a few of the more telling statistics from the August market. $515,000 -- The median home price in the DC region in August, the second highest level [...]

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Mortgage Rates Hold Steady Heading into Holiday Weekend

Mortgage rates paused ahead of Friday’s employment report and the Labor Day weekend. According to the latest data released Thursday by Freddie Mac, the 30-year fixed-rate average ticked up to 2.93 percent with an average 0.8 point. (Points are fees paid to a lender equal to 1 percent of the loan amount and are in addition to [...]

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One In Five DC Homes Sold For Above $1 Million in 2020

Approximately one in five homes sold in DC this year fetched $1 million or above, an analysis by UrbanTurf found. Specifically, 901 of the 5,048 homes sold in the city between January and the end of July carried at least a $1 million price tag. July also witnessed the highest volume of sales between $2.5 [...]

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The Maryland Suburbs With the Highest Home Price Appreciation

Today, UrbanTurf is taking a look at the close-in Maryland suburbs that have seen the highest home price appreciation this year. In the table below, we outline the six areas that have seen the largest increase in home values. In order to qualify for the list, a jurisdiction had to record at least 20 sales [...]

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DC-Area Real Estate Had a Record-Breaking July

After an uncharacteristically slow spring, thanks to stay-at-home orders and economic uncertainty stemming from Covid-19, Washington’s residential real estate market had a record-breaking July. According to the latest local data, the median home sale price in the DC metro area hit a 10-year high last month, coming in at $530,000—a nearly 13 percent increase compared with [...]

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The 2020 New Condo Market, By the Numbers

The DC-area for-sale housing market has been relatively resilient despite the economic impacts of the pandemic, so we were curious as to how the new condo market is faring. A new report by condo sales and marketing firm McWilliams|Ballard zeroes in on how this year's market is faring. Below, UrbanTurf picks out some of the more interesting [...]

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The 7 DC Neighborhoods That Broke a Record in July

The month of July was one to remember for the DC housing market as home prices rose to records across the region and sales kept pace. With how much home prices have risen in the region this year, UrbanTurf decided to dig into the data and find the neighborhoods in the city where prices have never been [...]

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2.88% Mortgage Rates Drop to Another Record Low

Mortgage rates plummeted this week to yet another record low. On Thursday, long-term mortgage rates fell to 2.88%, ten basis points lower than the record low set just weeks ago when rates fell below 3%. It is the eighth time this year that rates have dropped to a new record low. “The resilience of the [...]

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How Can You Move Into a New Home Safely During a Pandemic?

If you’re signing a new apartment lease or buying a home, you’ve likely considered this question: How safe is it to move during a pandemic? All the things that may be required when moving—the trips up and down an elevator, the movers touching all your boxed items and furniture, the tours of other people’s homes [...]

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