Don’t Be Stubborn About Staging

As real estate agents, our goal is to help you obtain the maximum value for your home. We prepare every home for market using our Home Focus process, where we identify a home’s unique attributes, make recommendations on improvements that will significantly increase value, then front the cost until closing. We recently had clients who [...]

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You Negotiated the Price – Can You Negotiate the Loan?

These days, getting a mortgage is not a one-size fits all proposition. Banks may offer several loan programs, with differing interest rates and terms, and each bank may offer its own set of programs. Trying to buy and sell at the same time adds another complicating factor to the mix. That’s why we strongly [...]

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How Will Higher Mortgage Rates Affect DC Market

If you have been in the market for a new home, the recent increases in mortgage rates could be a blessing in disguise. “Location, location, location” used to be the driving force in real estate, but in the past 24 months “inventory” has become king. We hit a 40-year low of housing inventory in 2021. [...]

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The Major Mistake Many Home Buyers Are Making Right Now

On March 16, the Fed voted to increase the fed fund rate for the first time since December 2018, and recently announced that rates are expected to rise through 2022. Since then, many buyers have been rushing into the housing market to beat further increases. We call this “panic buying”, and what troubles us most [...]

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Weekly Roundup (February 19th)

Projects in the (previously-covered) Howard University pipeline aside, hundreds of additional units have been proposed over the past year, and development is finally moving forward on a couple of long-dormant sites.

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