A great new restaurant or a long-time corner bar can change the way potential buyers think about a neighborhood or block, so we are always keeping an eye out for comings and goings in the culinary scene. This week we thought we’d serve up the latest news about the DC restaurant scene.

Two-wheeled Food Delivery, Uber Fast. Uber has added bicycles to its coterie of transportation options for its UberEats delivery services, according to Washingtonian. Right now there are only a dozen or so bicyclists offering Uber delivery, but the service could expand.

All for One and One for Al. The Alexandria restaurant community is rallying around the owners of the recently reopened Al’s Steakhouse.  Nearby businesses hosted a fundraiser to support the neighborhood staple that suffered a major fire the day is opened under new management, The Washington Business Journal reports.

Chubby Checkers, Chick-fil-a. What is this Jeopardy? No, just the latest buzz from H Street where a Checkers drive-through on the bustling NE corridor is set to become a Chick-fil-A. Long supposed among neighbors that condos would replace the drive-through, this week Ward 6 Councilman Charles Allen confirmed the waffle fry purveyor was done waffling over their latest move in DC.

Hey Mikey, He likes it. The Washington Post has a round of of Tom Sietsma’s recent reviews and previews of  restaurants across the city that he deems worthy of a visit. Guess he spent his summer’s stash of criticism on his most recent visit to Ben’s Chili Bowl.

Food PR? It’s a Thing. Jessica Sidman is leaving the Washington City Paper and heading to Washingtonian. Among other industry secrets, Sidman dishes on the very real influence of PR marketers in the DC food scene in her farewell column.

And Pizza. The Post’s reviews of several recent additions to the city’s pizza scene give you an excuse to eat Pizza twice in one week and not feel guilty. It’s experimentation, not gluttony!