The Reishman Group had a busy 2022. In our first year as an agency, we closed over $50m in transactions. Our reach extended through Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. We sold all types of residences — condominiums, coops, semi and detached homes, and specialized in working with developers. We even helped a buyer close on a boat slip!

We attribute this success to our goal of always adding value for our clients – whether buyers, sellers or developers.

We go above and beyond for buyers by finding properties that are not on the market. We attend neighborhood meetings, research building permits, build relationships with developers to get an inside track on new builds, and network with other agents.

We offer sellers an approach that is unique and personalized. We identify the best aspects of a property and advise homeowners of upgrades or improvements that can increase a home’s value. Our team of professionals then creates marketing materials that capture these qualities and develops a campaign to maximize exposure. Using this method we are consistently able to produce results that exceed our clients’ expectations.

Developers work with the Reishman Group because we ensure that the sales and marketing for every project reflect the innovation and energy that went into it. Our goal is to elevate the brand value for the developers and their projects.

This was a challenging year in the real estate industry. While many agencies experienced layoffs and closures, the Reishman Group continues to grow. With limited inventory, rising mortgage rates, and uncertainty about our economy, many buyers and sellers are hesitant about the market. The future is always unclear, but when guided by experienced agents, we are confident that both buyers and sellers can reach their goals, and look forward to helping you reach yours.

We hope that your 2022 was as productive and positive as ours, and we wish you the very best in 2023. As always, we’re here to help if you need anything!