So you are ready to sell your home–the place you spent years adding personnel touches to and making fit your personality. One of our first pieces of advice is this: remove those personal items, make it look like anyone could live there. Better yet, let us stage the property for you.

Developers know that a carefully staged home will sell for more and faster. A home needs to be aspirational. A potential buyer wants to be able to envision his or her life in this space. Your taste-specific decorations OR a totally empty palette get in the way of that experience.

We pick neutral tones with clean lines that accentuate the best features of a home to help it sell.

Take a look at our before and after gif of the staging at our gorgeous penthouse unit at Atlantic Plumbing. See the difference?

We have years of experience driving the advice we will share with you when you bring us on to sell your home. Want to know more? Contact us today!