Bikeshare can be a real estate agent’s back pocket secret weapon. When traffic grinds to a halt (ahem, motorcade, ahem) and you’ve GOT to be somewhere on time, these red bikes dotting street corners across the region can make the difference between making your train, or missing out on a business trip. and now bikeshare is expanding to Fairfax!

How does bikeshare work?

There are bikes docked at stations across the city and the region. You can go to the kiosk and buy an hourly, daily, 3-Day or monthly pass or you can sign up online for annual membership.

Once you’ve paid you pick a bike, adjust the seat height and remove the bike from the dock (with either a fob or a code).

Bike anywhere within half an hour for free if you are an annual member. (A work-around for longer rides is to switch out you bike mid-ride at another dock, thus starting that 30-minute clock over). There’s no time-based fee for daily or monthly. Then find a dock near your destination and return the bike. Simple as that.

Have you really used it?

That motorcade/train scenario actually happened to our fearless leader, Lindsay earlier this summer. His uber was stuck in Logan when President Barack Obama was at a town hall meeting on 14th Street. So Lindsay ditched his uber, ran to the nearest bikeshare, signed up for a one-day pass and bike across the city to Union Station just in time to catch his train to New York.

For some people bikeshare is their primary form of transit, but we consider it just one of the many tools we have at our disposal in this great city!

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