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Trees For Charity

To us, the end of the year holidays seem to be in perfect order. Halloween reminds us of the things we are afraid of, Thanksgiving quells those fears by encouraging us to ruminate on the things that we are thankful for, and the winter holidays encourage us to give back out of the abundance of [...]

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Friendly Spotlight: 625 5th St NE

Our friends at Ditto Residential have a sleek two-unit condo in Northeast Capital Hill, south of H Street and east of Union Station. Ditto is known for its boutique condos from small project like this to bigger ones like the Edmonds School also on Capital Hill. The project at 625 5th St NE features spacious floor [...]

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We’ve Got Matches for You

Realtors are matchmakers. We get to know you: your likes, dislikes, your ideals and pet peeves. And then we go looking. Sometimes we find the perfect fit on the market. Sometimes we have to search a little harder. We work our knowledge of upcoming properties to snag you the right fit before anyone even knows [...]

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