Nestled between Shaw and Columbia Heights, the Helicopter Factory is a wonderful fusion of old and new. Developed by Brook Rose, the Helicopter Factory’s name is an homage to the property’s previous owner, Emile Berliner. Berliner was a bit of a renaissance inventor, whose interests ranged from improving the flat disc gramophone to developing a gyro engine that was the predecessor to today’s modern helicopters. Brook Rose bought the Berliner’s warehouse and used their renaissance skills to blend elements of the warehouse with modern design and invention.

Voted the best condo project of 2016, the Helicopter Factory features 15 industrial inspired townhome residences whose modern features blend right into the site’s history. All units include high end amenities such as hardwood flooring, high quality lighting, walk-in closets, and a master retreat. Homes on the upper floors have access to beautiful rooftop terraces that survey the DC landscape. What is most notable about this project is Brook Rose’s attention to detail. Each home comes equipped with finishes that respect the sites original industrial aesthetic, seamlessly integrating quality and modernity with history.

The development is located between two exciting and historic neighborhoods Columbia Heights and Shaw. Columbia Heights offers a variety of well known restaurants such as Bad Saint and Columbia Room. Shaw offers history, being the birthplace of Duke Ellington and the home of the American American Civil War Memorial and access to the U street corridor.

If you are interested in learning more about the project, or purchasing a condo in the development, contact us.