Today, UrbanTurf is taking a look at the close-in Maryland suburbs that have seen the highest home price appreciation this year.

In the table below, we outline the six areas that have seen the largest increase in home values. In order to qualify for the list, a jurisdiction had to record at least 20 sales this year. Also, if there was a wide disparity between the sales of single-family homes and condos/co-ops this year versus last year, we didn’t include the area on the list.

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The two cities leading the way with home price appreciation levels approaching 17% are also two of the perennially popular areas for buyers looking for single-family homes at relatively affordable prices: Mount Rainier and Takoma Park. Riverdale and Brentwood follow behind and even though both areas have seen double-digit percentage increase in values, the median price for both areas still comes in below $360,000. In fact, Glen Echo is the only city on the list with a median price above $1 million.

SOURCE: UrbanTurf