If you were a home seller in the DC region in June, chances are you had a pretty good month, as UrbanTurf reported yesterday. While the market themes were primarily high home prices, rebounding home sales and signs that listings were starting to hit the market again, we decided to pluck out a few more statistics to give readers a sense of what is going on in the market.

  • 15 — The number of neighborhoods in DC where the median home price exceeded $1 million in June.
  • $375,000 — The median home price in Prince George’s County, the highest price for the county in a decade.
  • 32% — The rise in townhome sales in DC’s 20002 zip code, setting a ten-year high for sales of this property type.
  • 46% — The percentage of homes in DC that sold in ten days or less this year.
  • 1.32 — The months of supply of active listings in June, a 34 percent year-over-year drop.
  • 9 — The median number of days that homes spent on the market in the region in June, the lowest level for the month in a decade.
  • 20 — The number of DC neighborhoods where homes sold in a week or less in June.

Data Source: UrbanTurf