To us, the end of the year holidays seem to be in perfect order. Halloween reminds us of the things we are afraid of, Thanksgiving quells those fears by encouraging us to ruminate on the things that we are thankful for, and the winter holidays encourage us to give back out of the abundance of thanks in our hearts. But come wintertime, we tend to struggle with discerning how to do the most good. This year however, we think we’ve found it.

Our friends at Ditto Residential have opened a tree farm that is staffed by, and supports, Changing Perceptions, a DC based charity and support network that works with returning citizens to “create a life and career pathway for returning citizens willing to work hard that breaks the cycle of incarceration and intergenerational poverty.” Changing Perceptions equips returning citizens with skills to succeed once they leave prison and connects them with employers who understand the importance of their success.

If you haven’t already bought a tree, or would like to donate, we encourage you to visit the lot, located at 1923 9th Street NW, which runs from December 3rd through 23rd.  If the wonderful charitable cause doesn’t get you there, maybe the Vigilante coffee stand will.

We hope your holidays are warm and bright!