At the International Council of Shopping Center’s annual Recon meeting in Las Vegas last month, Wegmans announced exciting new plans to expand their base and build a location right here in the Nation’s Capital. The 80,000 square-foot store will be housed in the Fannie Mae headquarters on Wisconsin Avenue in Tenleytown. Fannie Mae plans to move out of the complex next year. Once the development process is complete, Wegmans in DC will open its doors in 2022.

D.C. mayor Muriel Bowser is happy about this new development and shared sentiments of it being a “decisive win” for the city.  This partnership also opens up new employment opportunities for D.C. residents and can really help strengthen families. Bowser noted that this store opening would help “spread prosperity throughout all eight wards.”

Wegmans in DC will have two levels and 800 parking spaces. The street level will be for grocery shopping and the upper level will be an eatery.  To give you a better understanding of the new store’s size, visit the Whole Foods Market in Logan Circle. The Wegmans D.C. location will be twice as large.

This news is a sigh of relief for D.C. residents who currently love the popular grocery store, but travel to the suburbs of Virginia or Maryland to enjoy the shopping experience. Over the past fifteen years, stores within the DMV have popped in cities like Germantown, Columbia, Sterling and Woodbridge.

Founded 101 years ago, Wegmans has 92 locations across the nation. This popular grocery store is originally based in Rochester, New York. Through its period of regional expansion, the company decided to become more city friendly.  Its first New York City location plans to open next year in Brooklyn. Wegmans usually opens no more than three to four stores every year so being slated as a city to gain a Wegmans is a big win.

More people are looking for fresh food at low prices. According to Consumer Reports, Wegmans is usually ranked at the top of the grocery store charts as one of the best in the nation. Wegmans seamlessly bridges the gap between quality foods and low price points. If you’ve ever been to a Wegmans location, you’ll quickly see that the shopping experience isn’t subpar and easily rivals some of the other stores that charge top dollar.

D.C. residents, hold on for a few more years. Wegmans is coming!